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WWDC may not be entirely hardware-free after all

WWDC 2013CEO Tim Cook hinted pretty strongly on the company’s most recent earnings calls that there would be no major new products until the fall. While that would seem to rule out a new iPhone or iPad introduction before then, we could see some new hardware earlier in the year after all: in the form of a new or updated Mac at WWDC next month. That likelihood was raised Wednesday morning in a post by a very in-the-know Apple fan and blogger, Jim Dalrymple.

He offers no source or evidence as to why he expects this, but readers of Dalrymple know that he tends to get his information from knowledgeable folks within Apple, even if he doesn’t attribute it.

The big question then is what kind of new Macs will we see? Will it be refreshed MacBooks with new Intel Haswell processors? The timing seems right — Intel is set to release these new chips in early June. The iMac just got a major redesign late last year, so that seems an unlikely candidate for a refresh. There’s also an outside chance Apple might continue adding its super-high-def display to more Macs, and offer a MacBook Air with Retina display. However, it might be a stretch for Apple to be able to fit one of these screens in the Air while maintaining its thin-and-light reputation.

Another possibility: Perhaps WWDC will be the big reveal for the “really great” thing Cook promised last summer that Apple has been working on for Mac Pro fans. He told a customer in an email in summer 2012 that the timetable for that was later in 2013.

WWDC may not be entirely hardware-free after all


WWDC Keynote confirmed for Monday, June 10 — bring on iOS 7 and OS X 10.9!

While everyone’s pretty much taken for granted that a Monday, June 10 WWDC 2013 kickoff would be a Monday, June 10, 10am (pacific) WWDC Keynote, it’s still nice to see it confirmed.

John Paczkowski of AllThingsD:

Apple today said the keynote address for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference will occur on Monday June 10 at Moscone Center in San Francisco.

No word on the headliners, but if Apple holds to pattern, Tim Cook will lead the charge, and bring out Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi, and Eddy Cue for hardware, software, and services, respectively. This year, that could include new Haswell MacBooks, iOS 7 and OS X 10.9, and perhaps even a newer, better iCloud.

The only wild card this year is whether or not Jony Ive takes the stage to show off his newer, flatter, Apple aesthetic?

Source: AllThingsD

WWDC Keynote confirmed for Monday, June 10 — bring on iOS 7 and OS X 10.9!

MacBook Air stock shortage adds weight to WWDC range-refresh rumors

Whispers of a full MacBook refresh at Apple’s WWDC 2013 this June look increasingly possible, with stocks of the 13-inch MacBook Air already tightening ahead of what’s believed to be an Intel Haswell-based upgrade. Apple was tipped to be updating its notebook line-up to Intel’s 4th-gen Core processors by analysts back in April, and now stock checks across US retailers would seemingly confirm that the last of the existing models are being mopped up.

MacBook Air 2013

The 13-inch Air is the first to go, it seems; according to AppleInsider‘s inventory checks, the 256GB version of the ultraportable – with Intel’s 1.8GHz processor – is showing extended shipping times in the region of 1-2 months at all the popular resellers bar Best Buy. Though the most expensive off-the-shelf model in the Air range, at $1,399, the 256GB version is a popular one give the absence of user-upgradable storage in the Air.

Beyond Haswell processors, there’s controversy over what exactly Apple will do to the MacBook range in terms of updates. One much-discussed possibility is a Retina display, bringing the Air into line with the top-end MacBook Pro notebooks, by introducing a high-resolution screen for smoother graphics.

Industry predictions about Retina technology have been mixed, primarily because of the cost and availability of the panels themselves. Some have argued that using such displays would make the Air range simply too expensive to also serve as Apple’s entry-level notebooks, or indeed that it would be unable to meet likely demand since yields of high-res screens are still tighter than the more typical panels.

That’s something even analysts who predict Retina will be on the table have conceded, with suggestions that – while WWDC will see the new versions announced – actual supplies won’t be available until after the developer event. There could also be a split in the line, with “normal” resolution models kept around to cater for the budget end of the market.

Of course, WWDC is also expected to see new details on the next version of Mac OS, OS X 10.9, shared. That updated platform is believed to further narrow the gap between desktop and mobile functionality, borrowing features and UI elements from iOS on the iPad

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MacBook Air stock shortage adds weight to WWDC range-refresh rumors