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HTC rolls out system app updates for its Windows Phone 8 hardware

HTC has rolled out a number of updates for its Windows Phone 8 hardware. Those who own either the HTC 8S or 8X will be able to install new versions of Attentive phone, Beats Audio and Regulatory. What’s new in these new releases? We’re not entirely sure, unfortunately.

HTC 8X Update

Here are the version numbers for each update:

  • Attentive phone – v2.5
  • Beats Audio – v3.5
  • Regulatory – v1.3

It’s good to see the struggling manufacturer taking the time to support Windows Phone owners with updates to system apps. If you notice anything new in any of the system apps we’ve mentioned, be sure to let us know in the comments.

via: Windows Phone Italy

HTC rolls out system app updates for its Windows Phone 8 hardware

Instagraph for Windows Phone 8 updated, Metrogram integration joins the fun

The popular Instagram client Instagraph was updated just a short while ago to version 2.0 and as promised, Metrogram is now part of the mix.  The two apps really didn’t become one but rather integrated where you can access Metrogram’s features from within Instagraph and visa versa.

Instagraph for Windows Phone 8 updated

The Metrogram integration is only for the Windows Phone 8 version of Instagraph. Windows Phone 7.x users shouldn’t feel left out in the cold though. Continue reading

Official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 gets a major overhaul too with version 3.0

When it rains, it pours. Today, the official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 has received a massive makeover, bringing new features and becoming more than just a web-wrapper for the popular video streaming site.

Youtube app 3.0 for windows phone 8

Version 3.0 is now going live in the Store (depending on region) and brings a new UI, High, Medium and Low video quality settings, pinnable channels, ability to download videos for offline play, play under Lockscreen and more. Indeed, it’s just about everything most casual users could want in an official YouTube client.

YouTube Windows Phone


The full Changelog is as follows:

“Pin any video, playlist, channel, and even search queries to Live Tiles. Live Tiles flip to show YouTube’s most popular videos or your subscriptions’ latest uploads. YouTube for Windows Phone is also integrated with Kid’s Corner, so you can ensure your kids are watching age-appropriate videos.”

  • Pin any video, playlist, channel, and search queries to Live Tiles
  • Manage your YouTube profile with your unique My YouTube page
  • Manage your playlists, uploads, and video lists
  • Find channels, videos, and playlists with the quick access search bar
  • Share videos to your social networks, e-mail, and text messages
  • Let your kids watch safe videos in Kid’s Corner and keep their own profile

On Windows Phone 7? Have no fear as an upgraded version for that platform is in the works as well, meaning Microsoft has not forgotten about you folks.

Pick up the official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. Availability will vary as the app gets updated on Microsoft’s servers.

Via Wpcentral

Official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 gets a major overhaul too with version 3.0

Effectual is one of the best to-do apps for Windows Phone 8

Can you have too many options for apps that keep you productive? No, choice is good period. Especially when you combine a beautiful design with spartan functionality. When you do that you get something like Effectual, a new app for Windows Phone 8 to help you conquer your tasks and stay productive. Let’s check it out.

Effectual is one of the best to-do apps for Windows Phone 8

We’ve got a fairly killer note taking application built into every single Windows Phone – OneNote, but it doesn’t exactly excel in tasks. That’s why we people still continue to use apps like Evernote, Viperal Tasks, PowerTasks, or 2Day. Effectual is a relative newcomer to the fray of apps to help you get things done and it does so in an elegant and clean way.

After downloading and installing Effectual, you’ll be logging into the app with your Microsoft account. Why is this app wanting your Microsoft account details? Because if you have multiple devices the app will synchronize your Effectual data. And there is an app for Windows 8 coming soon that will enable those tasks to sync there as well. Continue reading

HSN’s order page for T-Mobile’s Lumia 521 goes live early

It feels like only yesterday we told you HSN would be the first retailer offering T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 521, and although the place hasn’t changed, the date has. The Lumia 520 variant wasn’t expected to be available through HSN’s online store until tomorrow, but…