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Nokia to invest in ‘array’ mobile cameras that use small lenses to capture big images

If the name Pelican Imaging rings a bell, it’s possibly because we covered the company’s array imaging camera prototype back in 2011.


The technology uses multiple lenses that are relatively tiny in terms of how much space they take up in a mobile device, but which work together to capture an image of the same quality as a much larger camera — just as array telescopes replace the need for one huge telescope. Now, it appears we weren’t the only ones taking an interest, because Nokia’s investment wing has revealed to Bloomberg that it’s been watching the startup since 2008 and is currently planning to invest in it. Bo Ilsoe, of Nokia Growth Partners, describes Pelican’s technology as “on the cusp of being commercialized” — so who knows? One day, a future Lumia might house 41 megapixels, image stabilization and the voodoo known as plenoptics. In the meantime, there’s a video after the break which sort of explains how the technology sucks in enough data to allow for focus to be adjusted after a picture is taken — a trick which also sounds rather familiar. Continue reading

Nokia updates Lumia Storage Check Beta app for Windows Phone with possible fixes

Nokia has rolled out an update for its Lumia Storage Check Beta app. This app, exclusively available for Nokia Windows Phones, enables consumers to monitor exactly what’s being stored on internal memory – something we believe Microsoft should have baked into the OS itself. So what’s new in this latest release?

Nokia updates Lumia

Nothing much, really. It’s only a minor bump in the build numbers ( so we can assume we’re looking at small fixes and improvements. There were a number of reports of bugs and incompatibility issues with certain hardware (firmware version requirements in place). According to latest store reviews, the app still doesn’t work on the likes of the Lumia 822 and Lumia 820.  Continue reading

Smartphones out-shipped feature phones for the first time ever worldwide, says IDC

Q1 2013 marks the first time that smartphones made up the majority of cellphones shipped across the world, according to numbers from industry analyst IDC. 216 million handsets with computer-like functionality left factories compared to 419 million total, making up a solid 51.6 percent of the…

Nokia Chat beta messaging app released for WP8, is exclusive to Lumias

Nokia has released a new exclusive app for Lumia Windows Phone devices. Nokia Chat app for Windows Phone which is in beta allows you to  stay in touch with your Nokia Chat and Yahoo! Messenger contacts.
App Features:
Person to Person Messaging: Reach millions of Nokia Chat and Yahoo!…