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Motorola XFON clears the FCC on way to AT&T

Things are starting to get interesting regarding Motorola‘s upcoming smartphone lineup. We’ve been waiting to see what Motorola and Google cook up together, and today that may have been revealed in an FCC filing. The device is being listed as the Motorola XT1058 with 4G LTE and headed to AT&T. Most likely this is the X-Phone (or XFON) and more details on why can be found below.

Motorola XFON


After countless reports and rumors of the X-Phone, last week @evleaks posted some additional images of the handset which confirmed the name XFON on the back. This could be one of many stock Android smartphones coming from Motorola now that Google is leading the charge. The FCC filing didn’t reveal much, but confirms the design, carrier, and 4G LTE capability to name a few.

So aside from the model number being the Motorola XT1058, AT&T 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, and NFC there isn’t any additional details at this point. Here’s where things get interesting though. The leakster originally suggested the Motorola X-Phone would be a 5.0-inch smartphone, then other reports claimed it would instead be a 4.7-inch 1080p handset. With today’s filing we now have 3 different Motorola model numbers, and could be seeing a trio of devices announced soon.

The first time we saw this newly designed smartphone from Motorola was in a set of leaked pictures and a video calling it the XT912A. And it looked like a 4.3-inch device when compared t the iPhone, or even 4.0-inches. For a comparison their current RAZR HD is model XT926, so that would give us reason to think the device would not be a flagship, and instead a mid-range smartphone lower than the RAZR HD.

Motorola XFON


So here’s where we could be seeing 3 similar smartphones soon. The Motorola XT912A being a 4-inch XFON Mini, then the recently leaked in benchmarks Motorola XT1055 being a top tier 4.7-inch smartphone, then Motorola’s flagship 5-inch 1080p XFON being the XT1058 that cleared the FCC today. Obviously these could all be different devices, but Motorola could be looking to match their RAZR M, RAZR HD, and RAZR MAXX HD trio lineup from last year. Only it will be the XFON and arrive on all major carriers.

We’ll know soon enough, and could even hear more at Google I/O next week.

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Motorola XFON clears the FCC on way to AT&T

Google I/O: What we expect in 2013

Google I/O 2013 is less than a week away at this point. The conference runs from May 15th through the 17th and will hopefully bring plenty of goodies for Android users. While there is still some question as to what will be shown and announced, we do know that Google will be running things a little bit different this year.

Google i/0 2013

The Google I/O schedule was released earlier in the month and it shows just one keynote. The keynote will run for a few hours on the morning of May 15th and this will be where our immediate attention is focused. The Android Community team will be on-site to bring you the latest, however as we recently saw with the release of the Google I/O 2013 app, these events will also be streamed for those not able to attend.

Taking a look back over the recent weeks and we have seen talk of everything from Ingress, Game Center, Google Now and Babel (now expected to arrive as Hangouts) to the physical Google Wallet cards, an LTE equipped Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Android 4.3 and Google Glass. The catch is, some of these topics are expected to be brought up during Google I/O and some aren’t. For example, while Google is expected to talk Wallet, they are not expected to announce the physical Wallet cards. Another possible no-show this year could be the Motorola X-Phone.

Google I/O 2013



One topic that isn’t often discussed is Ingress. For those not familiar, Ingress is virtual game that has you running around in the real world. In Ingress you travel around collecting objects and discovering the sources of the “mysterious energy.” Ingress isn’t difficult to play, but it is a bit time consuming. Perhaps the hardest part of the game though — getting started. In the beginning you have to choose your side and decide if you want to be with the Enlightened or the Resistance.

Despite the general lack of chatter though, it seems as if Google has something big planned for this year. Not only has Google scheduled three Ingress events, but they have also given an invite to all I/O attendees. In addition, Google has also been sending invites out to others that have only recently requested one. Ingress is a currently in a closed beta period.

Game Center

Game Center could be another exciting announcement this year. There had been some speculation (hope) of Google releasing something along these lines, however a recent teardown of the Google Glass companion app revealed some potential details. At this point we are expecting Game Center to arrive with everything from support for real-time and turn-based multiplayer games to in-game chatting, achievements, leader boards and invitations.

Google Glass


Google Now

Google Now remains an often discussed topic and we are expecting to see plenty of talk next week. Google recently released Now for iOS and based on recent talk from Larry Page, we are expecting Now to be a big part of Android 4.3. There is also the expectation that Google will connect Now with the desktop as we have recently seen an extension spotted in Chromium. Of course, there is also the connection with Google Glass which brings the thought of voice improvements. Again, this speculation goes back to recent comments from Page when he mentioned “voice search momentum.”

Google Babel

Babel should be another topic we hear discussed. The details of this have all come by way of leaks up until this point, however it is looking like this will be a unified messaging service. Basically, it is believed that Google will be combining services such as Google+ Hangouts and Google Talk into one cross platform service. We also recently learned that Babel is now expected to be introduced as Hangouts. There should also be support for everything from Android and iOS devices to support within Chrome, Gmail and Google+.

Hardware and Key Lime Pie

Aside from what we have already mentioned, there has also been talk of hardware which includes everything from an LTE equipped Nexus 4 to an updated Nexus 7. One interesting aspect, despite earlier rumors suggesting that Key Lime Pie would be announced as Android 5.0, we are now expecting that to be unveiled as Android 4.3. Putting some evidence to that claim, Android 4.3 has been spotted in visitor logs lately. Along with updated smartphones and tablets, we should also be seeing some talk of Google Glass. Well, if nothing else, given the developer edition Glass recently began shipping, we expect to be seeing quite a bit of people actually wearing and using Glass.

Bottom line here, as we have seen in the past years, it appears as if this years I/O will be full of news and excitement. So how about it, what are you most excited about seeing? Are you looking for new hardware, new services or will you just be content learning what will be coming with Key Lime Pie? But remember, what ever is (or isn’t) announced, the Android Community team will be on-site with the latest coverage.

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Google I/O: What we expect in 2013

Motorola X Phone release date, news and rumours

Google acquired Motorola Mobility a year ago but we’re still yet to see a handset slide out bearing the search giant’s brand and Moto’s design.

Motorola X Phone

Rumours surrounding the X Phone have been around since December and, while neither Google nor Motorola has officially revealed anything about a potential handset, it hasn’t stopped the speculation and leaks.

It would make sense for Google to use Motorola as the manufacturer of its next Nexus-branded smartphone, as this would give the firm greater control at every stage of production – but that’s something which is far from certain.

Over in Australia, carriers have apparently already seen details of the X Phone, prompting one network head to say the handset will be a “real breakthrough, a game changer that will put pressure on Samsung and Apple”.

We’ve pulled together all the internet chatter surrounding the Motorola X Phone and stuffed it into one manageable article, just for you.

Motorola X phone release date and price

Most reports surrounding the Motorola X Phone release date seem to point towards the annual Google IO conference which takes place in mid-May.

Even if the X Phone is unveiled at IO, consumers may still have a lengthy wait before the handset lands in their sweaty palms – especially if the Nexus 4 is anything to go by which sold out in minutes when the first stock was made available, leaving many waiting for more units to turn up.

Initial reports suggested that the X Phone would arrive in stores in either June or July, but word’s got out that it’s already been delayed until Augustor later.

If the Motorola X does carry Google’s name, we could also see some rather competitive pricing as the search giant looks to undercut the top phones of the moment – such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

Pie or Beans

Google-branded handsets usually usher in a new version of the Android operating system, so if the Motorola X Phone does eventually end up adopting the search giant’s name you can expect it to arrive running the latest Android platform.

A new version of Android is also expected to be announced at Google IO, with early claims pointing towards Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

Key Lime Pie also seems to be on the cards for the X Phone, if the swathe of rumours are to be believed.

However, more recently we’ve seen reports saying that Key Lime Pie has been delayed, and instead we’ll see an updated Jelly Bean at Google IO,known as Android 4.3.

If this is the case then the X Phone could come running 4.3 instead of 5.0 – we’re just going to have to wait and see.

Look at this

The X Phone might build on the 4.7-inch display found on the Nexus 4 and rock up with a 5-inch screen with almost no bezel.

Another “tipster” doesn’t agree though, claiming the Motorola X will stick with the 4.7-inch format and instead up the resolution to Full HD, for a truly eye-popping display – something which has also been “confirmed” by a separate source.

We’re not done there though, with 4.65-inch also being bandied about as the potential screen size for the X Phone, although the unconvincing renders this information arrived with makes us question it.


In terms of power the Motorola X phone is hotly tipped to pack a 1.7GHz quad-core processor – various sources say the same thing – along with 2GB of RAM.

That’s not the only processor which has been linked to the X though, with Android World claiming it’s been told it could carry a powerful 2.3GHz Nvidia 4i chip.

The same leak also points towards the Motorola X packing a punchy 16MP camera which would put the handset head and shoulders above the current crop of flagship smartphones, plus it could measure a pocket friendly 131.2 x 66.7 x 7.9mm.

Another rumour claims that the new UI that will feature on the X phone will integrate a host of new features to rival Samsung’s S-Beam, S-Voice and the like.

In terms of storage we could well see the Motorola X offered in a 32GB guise, which will be music to some people’s ears after being left frustrated that the Nexus 4 was only available in 8GB and 16GB variants.

Real or render?

In terms of what the Motorola X Phone could potentially look like we’ve had a couple of leaks claiming to show the handset.

First up are a set of images picked up by Vietnamese site Tinhte and while the handset in question looks pretty impressive in terms of style, they appear to be renders instead of photos of the actual device.

Motorola X Phone Motorola X Phone Motorola X Phone


The other set of images come courtesy of @evleaks and apparently show the X phone with a prototype chassis in order to protect its identity.

Comparisons can be drawn between the handset in these images and the renders above – with the front facing Motorola logo sitting in the same place.

Motorola X Phone


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Motorola X Phone release date, news and rumours

LG Nexus 4 with LTE and Key Lime Pie rumored for Google I/O

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