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HTC M4 leaked, suggests flagship style with middleweight specs

Remember the M4? We’ve seen glances of a spec sheet, but now we get to see how it’s going to look. Courtesy of @evleaks, we can now tell it’s looking good.HTC M4 leaked

After the critically-acclaimed One, the company looks to be sharing its style tips around — at a glance the M4 appears almost identical to the HTC flagship, although the camera flash has been relocated to the center of the device and there’s a few less micro-drilled speaker holes. Running over the leaked specs, you can expect a smaller 4.3-inch screen at 720p resolution and possibly a cheaper build to the unibody beauty that leads HTC’s smartphone family.

There’s likely to be a dual-core processor, LTE-capable radio and 16GB of storage too. There’s better news, with the UltraPixel-packing 4-megapixel camera sensor rumored to make its way into the middleweight phone, although initial leaks pointed to a 13-megapixel sensor. The phone is mooted to appear later this quarter, but we’re still waiting on official word (and that all-important price) before we get too excited. But hey, it worked for Samsung. Continue reading

HTC posts factory image for HTC One Developer Edition

A factory restore image is your way back to stock when you need it the most, so be sure to grab it and keep it handy

htc one

HTC has posted the 1.29.1540.3 factory restore images for the unlocked Developer Edition HTC One on the HTCdev site. Available in two flavors — a zip file and a Windows RUU executable — these files will allow anyone to restore their phone back to an out-of-the-box condition as long as there is access to the bootloader. That means no matter how bad you’ve screwed the system firmware up from monkeying around with it, you have an easy path back to stock settings. Then you can do it all over again.

Posting two different versions is pretty nice, too. The Windows only RUU is simple to use for folks running Windows (just plug in the phone and run the program), but not everyone uses Windows. For those folks who use a Mac or Linux computer, the zip file and fastboot makes it easy to go back without building a VM with Windows to do so.  Continue reading