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Google+ Hangouts app update adds tablet support

Google released the Hangouts app shortly after the I/O keynote on May 15th and while the device support was listed as being for Android 2.3 or later, there were some limitations to that. One of which was in regards to tablets. Google had put a note in the Play Store description saying that said tablet support would be available soon and it looks like that update has since arrived in the Google Play Store.

Google+ Hangouts app

The what’s new section in the Play Store listing still reflects the earlier update, however we can confirm the Hangouts app now works on tablets. Specifically, we have tested the app on a Nexus 7. Otherwise, as we saw with the initial smartphone release, the Hangouts app is replacing the previously existing Talk app. Simply put, if you are rocking an Android tablet and want to get in on the fun of Hangouts, proceed to update.

Aside from the quietly added support for tablets, Hangouts users also have SMS integration to look forward to. There hasn’t been any date or timeframe as to when that will arrive, however the confirmation did come by way of a Google employee. Dori Storbeck, Community Manager for Hangouts and Chat has said the SMS integration will be “coming soon.”

In addition to the confirmation, there is also a bit of SMS integration evidence sitting in the Google Accounts settings page. Perhaps a bit more fun, Google seems to have also included some Easter Eggs. These however, are available for those using the desktop. The list of Easter Eggs includes everything from ponies to pitchforks.

Google+ Hangouts app

There is also the KONAMO cheat available. That one will likely be a favorite by many and as a refresher, you will need to hit the arrow keys for up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, and then B A Enter. Anyway, while you are waiting for your tablet to finish updating the Hangouts app, check the above image for the full list of Easter Eggs and have some fun with friends.

SOURCE: Google Play Store

Google+ Hangouts app update adds tablet support

Google I/O 2013: All new Google+ Hangouts app unveiled, cross-platform messaging service

Much rumored service becomes official, available today for Android, iOS and the web


Messaging has been one of the hot topics leading up to Google I/O, and today Vic Gundotra took to the stage and introduced the all new Google+ Hangouts. A cross-platform messaging service available starting today for Android, iOS and the web.

We’ll be taking a closer look at Hangouts once the dust settles, but one of the headline features is group video chat, available at no extra charge. We’re also getting photos stored in albums, the ability to turn off history or save your chats, regular old group messaging, typing notifications, and notifications that will sync across all of your devices.

A new messaging platform has been one of the most talked about items heading into Google I/O, and the app itself looks pretty nice. We’re looking forward to putting it through its paces. It’s a stand alone application, breaking free of the main Google+ app.

Google I/O 2013: All new Google+ Hangouts app unveiled, cross-platform messaging service

Google shows off Google+ content recommendations for mobile sites on Android & iOS

Google today is showing off a new way for content creators online to provide content recommendations to readers viewing their site through mobile devices.

The new content recommendations feature is not so surprisingly powered by Google+ and will allow users to access related content for the page they are currently visiting through a small notification that appears as they browse. To access the recommendations, users can enable the feature on Android devices running 2.3.3 and above and also on iOS devices running Chrome or Safari on iOS 5 or later. Site owners can implement the feature by dropping in a single line of code.

Google explained how it creates the recommendations based on Google+ activity and also showed the new feature in action in the video above posted to its Developers YouTube channel:

Recommendations consider Search Authorship, Google+ activity (including +1′s and shares), and content on the visitors’ current page to keep the quality high. In all cases, recommended content is based on the visitors’ current page to keep the quality high. And they only appear when people tap for more, so as not to interrupt their browsing experience.

Via 9to5google

Google shows off Google+ content recommendations for mobile sites on Android & iOS

Google Glass to support GPS navigation, text messages without companion app

Google Glass Explorers looking for turn-by-turn directions and text messages to be displayed from the device must pair the wearable with an Android smartphone, and a companion app. But that could soon change, according to a TechCrunch report.

Google Glass review

When writer Frederic Lardinois went to pick up his Glass yesterday afternoon, a Google rep explained that the headset will soon be able to display directions and text messages within the device — in other words, you won’t need a smartphone to act as the middleman. You will, of course, still need to source your web connection through another device, unless there’s a WiFi hotspot around, but this new method will at very least enable a bit more functionality for iPhone users. It’s unclear whether Glass will also still need to pull GPS data from a synced handset, so don’t make any plans to ditch your smartphone just yet.

Google Glass to support GPS navigation, text messages without companion app

Google I/O 2013 session schedule now available

Find out when your favorite Google products will be talked about at this year’s conference

It’s hard to believe Google I/O 2013 is just a couple weeks away, but we were all reminded of that when Google posted its session schedule for the conference just a few moments ago. Spanning over three days, I/O is a place where Google gets to talk about much more than Android, and developers of all kinds need a good way to manage their time best.Google I/O 2013

The session schedule gives you a great overview of the times and locations of each session, along with detailed information on the topic and speakers for them. There are six main “tracks” you can follow, or you can see all of the sessions on one all-encompassing calendar.

For those of you (well, most of us) watching anxiously from home, knowing the session schedule can certainly help know when the news on your favorite products may be coming out as well. And you of course won’t want to miss the main keynote (there’s only one this year), which should be live streamed on Youtube. Head to the source link below and start planning your Google I/O experience. Continue reading

Google Glass review (Explorer Edition)

Stand in a line of people in just about any major metropolitan area in the world and you’ll see the same thing: slouched shoulders and down-turned faces staring glumly at smartphone screens. Some people never look away, completely immersed in whatever is happening in the palm of their hands, while others get stuck in a loop of pulling phones from pockets or purses and popping on the screens for just a moment before putting them away again for just a minute or two.

Google Glass review

Smartphones are amazing things, but for those who have become addicted to messaging instant gratification, they are a bit unwieldy. This annoyance gets even worse as these devices grow larger and larger. One approach would be to relax a little and stop feeling so compelled to check for Facebook notifications every 30 seconds. Those fully immersed in the information age, however, will be more inclined to fix the physical inconveniences presented by the problem. A heads-up display seems like a natural fit, and thus we have Google Glass. It’s a headset with a projected display, a camera and a data connection that could revolutionize the mobile device industry. It could also cause a public uproar over privacy concerns. Is the potential worth the risk? Join us after the break to see. Continue reading

Google Glass Bulletproof app gives the wearable a lock screen (video)

In our review of the Explorer edition of Google Glass, we were surprised at the lack of security features — there’s nothing to stop anyone from picking up your pair, accessing your data and having complete control.Google Glass

We’re obviously not the only ones to have noticed this, and developer Mike DiGiovanni, who has his own set of high-tech specs, has come up with an app to alleviate those worries. Called Bulletproof, the app registers when Glass parts from face and engages a lock screen, which can then be disabled with a user-defined combination of swipes and taps on the wearable’s touchpad. A brief video demo of the app is available below, and those with the hardware will likely know how to get it loaded using the files linked at the source. It’s good to see the dev community already putting out useful software, but it does make you wonder why Google didn’t think of it first. Continue reading