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Apple’s iCloud Grew 20 Percent In Q2, To 300M Users

Apple announced today that it now has 300 million users for iCloud, up 20 percent from the 250 million that it announced in January.
iCloud, which allows users to sync their content and data across devices, was launched 18 months ago to replace the MobileMe service. Company executives said…


Apple Sells 37.4M iPhones And 19.5M iPads In Q2, Tablet Business Shows 65% YOY Growth

Apple has just released its Q2 2013 earnings report, announcing sales of 37.4 million iPhones in the quarter ending March. Apple also reported 19.5 million iPad units sold, which shows incredibly strong growth for Apple’s tablet business.

This is a slight decrease from last quarter, which…

Apple Sells 3.95M Macs In Q2 2013, Nearly Flat From Q2 2012 And Down 1.25% Sequentially

Apple’s Mac sales continued to slide this quarter, as Apple sold only 3.95 million computers running OS X, down just over 1 percent from the 4.1 million they sold in Q1 2013, and pretty much flat compared to the 4 million they sold in the same quarter last year. That’s no surprise: PC…