Darkmatter flaunts its Xbox 360 laptop Kickstarter project at Maker Faire

Darkmatter’s portable open source Xbox 360 project may have hit Kickstarter withbad timing, but it looks to be drawing crowds all the same.

XBox 360 for Laptop

The laptop-like console is available in fully finished or kit form for the Xbox 360, thanks to a 3D-printed, laser cut casing, 15.6-inch 720P widescreen LED display, capacitive Arduino-based touch interface, a headphone jack and support for all native features, like WiFi, 4GB storage and DVD compatibility. Addressing concerns about the lame duck console it’s working with, the group said in an update that it should be able to adapt the Xbox One’s motherboard as well, though it’s obviously never laid a hand on it yet. Any future-proofing concerns didn’t dismay those who saw the device at Maker Faire, however, as most seemed enthusiastic about the project, including Ben Heck, who’s been known to mod a device or two 75. You can pledge $499 for a full DIY kit (without the required Xbox 360 Slim 4GB), while a fully assembled and tested Darkmatter Xbox Laptop will run $999. Check the video after the jump or hit the Kickstarter page at the source link to ante up.

SOURCE: Darkmatter (Kickstarter)

Darkmatter flaunts its Xbox 360 laptop Kickstarter project at Maker Faire


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