Affordable BlackBerry Q5 handset set for UK launch in July

The newly-announced BlackBerry Q5 handset will be winging its way to the United Kingdom in July, according to high street retailer Phones 4U.

BlackBerry Q5

The retailer is the first British outlet to confirm it’ll be stocking the more affordable Q5 handset, which is BlackBerry’s attempt to put its BB10 operating system in the hands of more users.

Following its unveiling at BlackBerry Live in Orlando, Florida, the company was vague about launch details, claiming the device would be targeted at emerging markets primarily.

The device, which will come in three colours, will be pushed as a QWERTY alternative to the flagship BlackBerry Q10 device, which is available SIM-free for a whopping £579.

The Curve to the Bold

The Q5, if you will, is the BlackBerry Curve compared with the Q10′s BlackBerry Bold.

The Q5, which will come in red, pink and white, packs a 3.1-inch LCD display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage.

It’ll also boast a 5-megapixel rear camera, a front-facing webcam, the all-important 4G connectivity and a 2100mAh battery.

We’ve already enjoyed some hands-on time with the device at BlackBerry Live, so check out our initial impressions for a hint at whether this could be your route to owning a BB10 device.


Affordable BlackBerry Q5 handset set for UK launch in July


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