Motorola XFON clears the FCC on way to AT&T

Things are starting to get interesting regarding Motorola‘s upcoming smartphone lineup. We’ve been waiting to see what Motorola and Google cook up together, and today that may have been revealed in an FCC filing. The device is being listed as the Motorola XT1058 with 4G LTE and headed to AT&T. Most likely this is the X-Phone (or XFON) and more details on why can be found below.

Motorola XFON


After countless reports and rumors of the X-Phone, last week @evleaks posted some additional images of the handset which confirmed the name XFON on the back. This could be one of many stock Android smartphones coming from Motorola now that Google is leading the charge. The FCC filing didn’t reveal much, but confirms the design, carrier, and 4G LTE capability to name a few.

So aside from the model number being the Motorola XT1058, AT&T 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, and NFC there isn’t any additional details at this point. Here’s where things get interesting though. The leakster originally suggested the Motorola X-Phone would be a 5.0-inch smartphone, then other reports claimed it would instead be a 4.7-inch 1080p handset. With today’s filing we now have 3 different Motorola model numbers, and could be seeing a trio of devices announced soon.

The first time we saw this newly designed smartphone from Motorola was in a set of leaked pictures and a video calling it the XT912A. And it looked like a 4.3-inch device when compared t the iPhone, or even 4.0-inches. For a comparison their current RAZR HD is model XT926, so that would give us reason to think the device would not be a flagship, and instead a mid-range smartphone lower than the RAZR HD.

Motorola XFON


So here’s where we could be seeing 3 similar smartphones soon. The Motorola XT912A being a 4-inch XFON Mini, then the recently leaked in benchmarks Motorola XT1055 being a top tier 4.7-inch smartphone, then Motorola’s flagship 5-inch 1080p XFON being the XT1058 that cleared the FCC today. Obviously these could all be different devices, but Motorola could be looking to match their RAZR M, RAZR HD, and RAZR MAXX HD trio lineup from last year. Only it will be the XFON and arrive on all major carriers.

We’ll know soon enough, and could even hear more at Google I/O next week.

Via Androidcommunity

Motorola XFON clears the FCC on way to AT&T


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