Samsung Galaxy S4 mini tipped to arrive in July

Some sneaky Samsung insider has managed to spill the release date beans on a number of new handsets due to come out of the Korean manufacturer in the next month.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

The news come from SamMobile sources, who claim we’ll see the much talked about Samsung Galaxy S4 mini arrive in week 29 – which is mid-June – in both black and white guises to match the flagship Galaxy S4.

On Tuesday we reported that another version of the Galaxy S4 may be in the works over in Korea with news that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is on the cards complete with a 16MP camera.

Activ Zoom

According to the same SamMobile sources the Galaxy S4 Zoom release date is pegged for week 23 for the black version and week 25 for the white hue – that’s early and mid June respectively.

We’re not done though, as rumours about a rugged Galaxy S4 which surfaced back in April have been reignited in this information leak, with a device going my the moniker Samsung Galaxy S4 Ativ scheduled to arrive in week 29, alongside the S4 mini.

Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S4 Zoom and Galaxy S4 Activ will all be announced at the end of the month, although it’s not clear how well connected these sources are so a certain amount of caution needs to be applied here.

Is this potential overkill from Samsung or will the vast range of S4 branded smartphones see it remain dominant at the top of the market? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Via Techradar

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini tipped to arrive in July


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