StableHost Reviews – Web hosting reviews

StableHost is a new kid on the block that even hostingsthatsucks recommends, that’s a huge thing, at least it was for me. StableHost looks like any other hosting company from just up front:

  • Offers shared and VPS hosting
  • Uses Cpanel
  • Has 1 click WordPress install

So what makes it special? What makes it worth signing up for? Well, let me tell you about my own experiences.

Stablehost Reviews


I have recently become a StableHost affiliate after several months of using them. You’re welcome to use my affiliate link to sign up and use my 40% off coupon ( TECHBLOG40 ) if you’re interested.

Customer Support is damn superb. Whenever I submit a ticket, I always get the same guy, the senior administrator.

I am not a technology proficient person, plus I am waaaay on my 60s, so my main concern when choosing a hosting company always been to find a place where I can feel comfortable asking questions without feeling I’ve been treated as a idiot.
After very frustrating experiences with two other hosting companies, I had lost hope that I would find a hosting company where I could feel comfortable.
But I found it in Stablehost what I was looking for and at a price almost unbelievable for the service they provide.
I have found nothing but good service, knowledgeable, and respectful employees always willing to help. Thanks –Kaitlin C.

Stablehost Reviews



There are some great features which initially attracted me to StableHost has them as well:

  • Unlimited subdomains and add-on domains (I have 4 addons right now)
  • Unlimited emails
  • Cron jobs
  • One-click installer (Softaculous) that has more than the average one-click installer and includes PHP frameworks (such as Laravel)
  • Support for Ruby and PHP
  • MIME type editor so you can add support for .APK files and .AIR files
  • DNS Zone Editor for any domain point at the server

On top of that, StableHost has CloudFlare integration so you can set everything up from the comfort of your CPanel.

Stablehost Reviews


Technical Stuff

StableHost is a bit different than other hosting companies in that it doesn’t run on Apache but rather uses LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed is pretty much the same as Apache except that it includes a bunch of built-in features and performance enhancements. They boast of being scalable unlike apache. So why is this?

Litespeed’s model is different. Apache works on the Process/Thread model and has some outdated parts that have been in play for more than a decade. LiteSpeed touts its Event-driven/Asynchronous model.

Here are the stats on my shared hosting. I’m currently running:

  • PHP 5.3.23
  • MySQL 5.0.96-community-log
  • Apache equivalent of 2.2.24

This allows me to run any modern PHP framework (including Laravel) and WordPress with ease.

My Current Load


To understand if this hosting is enough for you, you should see my stats first. I currently use CloudFlare for caching, and what have you. I also pull some JS files from CDN’s and run MaxCDN myself. This helps lessen the load considerably. MaxCDN emailed me recently to tell me I pull about 30gb a month through them. On top of that I use W3TC cache plugin. You’re welcome to review some of my basic recommendations for a shared hosting setup. Anyways, so how much work does stablehost do for me?

  • Disk Usage: I’m only at 500mb of disk space usage but I am allowed up to 7 gigs
  • Bandwidth: 13.3Gigs for February. This includes 10.44 Gigs just for HTTP usage on and another 2.08Gigs on my secondary blog (which currently does not use MaxCDN and needs a little spanking for being wasteful). Right now, I’m at 925 Megs for the month and am being told it’s just 1% of total allowance of 150Gigs.
  • Addons: I’m at 5 add on domains
  • Databases: I have 23 databases installed. Most of them remnants of my old sites from another server

So what is this in terms of traffic?

  • 14K unique visitors on my main site
  • 23K page views
  • average duration of 3:43 minutes

These were my numbers for February, my peak month in January consisted of:

  • 27K unique visitors
  • 45K page views
  • average duration of 2:47 minutes

Those are some nice stats right there. The load and bandwidth usage would be considerably higher if I was not using MaxCDN; however, most of the hits on MaxCDN were cache hits over non-cache hits. I also was not utilizing all of the W3TC functions due to possible conflict.

So anyways, outside of that. StableHost should be able to provide for most bloggers out there. Let’s see some downsides

Is it for you?

I don’t know, you tell me! Well, first of all, I became an affiliate at StableHost a few months after being with them. I liked them and I was in a need for affiliates. This puts me in a unique position. They offer coupons and referral links. The coupon I currently have TECHBLOG40 will take 40% off your order. Here’s what the pricing is right now

That’s a relatively safe bet for a new comer. Give it a shot!

StableHost Reviews – Web hosting reviews


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