Max Mobile Security gets updated with Q10 support as well as other new features

We told you about Max Mobile Security when it was first released for BlackBerry 10 and the application has now been updated to its fourth version bringing new features and improvements as well as BlackBerry Q10 support.

Max Mobile Security

As I mentioned in our initial post of Max Mobile Security – with BlackBerry 10 having the ability to run Android applications I presume that there is now some risk of malware etc that could effect your BlackBerry smartphone. I’d rather be safe than sorry and although the application does hold quite a hefty price tag you need to weigh up the risks for yourselves.

Press Release

Pune, India (April 30th, 2013) – Max Secure Software announces the release of version its fourth version of Max Mobile Security for BlackBerry® 10 (NASDAQ: BBRY). This release is integrated with native BlackBerry features integrated like hub integration, notifications, background scan with active frame, context menu with social and BBM sharing. Max Mobile Security is the world’s first AntiVirus for BlackBerry 10, which protects it from malicious third party applications and malicious files.

Max Mobile Security protects BlackBerry 10 users from:

1. Malicious Android run-time apps (side loaded) for BlackBerry10

2. Malware that can harm other devices like devices connected to the same cloud, email attachments or when the device is connected to the PC.

“As a security and privacy company we wanted to cover our customers on all platforms, even a security oriented platform like BlackBerry 10,” said Sanjay Pradhan, CEO of Max Secure Software.

Max Mobile Security is engineered from ground up to further enhance security of the QNX kernel based BlackBerry 10 platform. It is built using Cascades and its native libraries. Max Mobile Security also allows its users to live update its database through the app itself.

The app is currently available on BlackBerry World.

Max Mobile Security for BlackBerry 10 is available on BlackBerry World for US $ 9.99 worldwide.

Download Max Mobile Security for BlackBerry 10

Via Crackberry

Max Mobile Security gets updated with Q10 support as well as other new features


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